Kerry McCarthy Kundalini Tantra Yoga & Happiness Coaching

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood!

Hi, I am Kerry McCarthy 400h RYT and I am passionate about Pranayama and improving mental health. I have come from a place where depression, anxiety, and trauma defined me; but over the years I have worked hard to understand and implement strategies, tools, and techniques that increase happiness, reduce stress and improve general health and wellbeing.

This is what I want to share with you, through exploration and self-discovery, on and off the mat with Yoga, Breathing Exercises and Happiness Coaching!

“What would happen if just one person was a little bit happier? A little bit more confident, a little bit calmer, a bit more sure of themselves, their thoughts, their feelings… I believe that our dark times don’t define us, and that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. Join me for some  Breathwork, Movement and Mindfulness that might just make a difference to more than your day.”


I am 400h Registered Yoga Teacher, having completed 200 hours Kundalini Tantra Yoga with Sri Vijay Anand and Ildiko Bakos at The Indian Wellness Academy, and 200 hours Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Rachel Park. I also studied with Michael Bjiker as a Life Awareness Project Breathwork Instructor.

I qualified as a Kidding Around Children’s Yoga Teacher, and I passed the Yale University Psychology of Wellbeing short course with a score of 96%.

My goal is to put all of this knowledge together to teach Breathwork, Yoga, and also provide Happiness Coaching to as many people as possible! 

Before this I was a writer, editor, artist, crafter, maker… I still am all those things I guess but my focus is now firmly on helping people find their happy. I was was working in online marketing, and helped write a couple of books, and even illustrated one. I have Envoronmental Science qualifications, a Fine Art Degree, NCTJ Journalism qualifications and I also studied to become a licensee thinking that maybe I wanted to run a mobile bar.


I want to take everything I have learned and share it with anyone who needs it, but most importantly I want to help those who have no way of being able to afford it. I have been so very fortunate in getting help when I needed it, and I want to give back with all my heart.

When I say it’s never too late to have a happy childhood, I really mean it. Even if the start of your life has been tough, and the middle too, no matter how old you are, I believe it is possible to find a place where new-found happiness radiates throughout your life, even back to the past – but why wait?

I want particularly to help young adults in need find peace, respite, space, freedom by sharing what I have learned so far, without having to ask them to find the money for it. How am I going to do this when I need to keep a roof over my own family’s head, and food on the table? I am not sure, but I have faith that it will happen!

You can help me make this happen by donating what you can on top of your sessions if you are able to do so. For every person that is able to pay a bit extra, I am able to help someoone who can’t.


There are so many reasons that I chose this! The original idea however came from my absolute appreciation of the wholesomeness of Keanu Reeves. He is an inspiration and a shining light of a very very decent human, and a very real one too. If you are not familiar with his story, please do take some time to read up on his life – he had a difficult upbringing, heart-wrenching traumas throughout his life, and yet he is the most humble, generous, and kind individual.

Anyway – Keanu is a Hawaiian name that translates as, yes, you guessed it – Cool Breeze Over The Mountain. But it’s not just a Keanu connection – I am passionate about Paranayama, passionate about the breath, passionate about bettering.

This name for me is about becoming the mountain, finding your strength, standing tall, and BREATHING! The breath is such a powerful tool for transformation. Be the mountain, breathe the mountain. Feel the beauty of the cool breeze of life washing over you. Bliss.


It’s been a toughie, but not as tough as some people have it that is for sure.

The important thing to share about my life journey is that I started out in a less than fortunate situation, endured some proper hardships, made some dubious life choices, got into various sorts of trouble, and certainly wasn’t being a wholesome, kind or considerate individual. Depression and anxiety were a normal part of my life.

But I have got to where I am today becuase it’s never too late to make better choices. 

I have also been very very fortunate. I have had people around me willing to help me even when I wasn’t that good at helping myself. People who had faith in my desire to be a better me, and gave me a chance even when I couldn’t give anything back. This is what inspires my Big Dream.

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood” is a quote by my favourite author, Tom Robbins – you can find it in my favourite book of his Still Life With Woodpecker. I believe this statement to be totally true.