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Discover the freedom of being a happier version of you.

The Happy Human Project – 10 week personalised programme.

Easy to implement interventions and techniques to increase happiness levels, reduce stress, and improve your general health and wellbeing. Course content is designed to inspire change at your own pace through exploration and self-discovery.

This isn’t a passive experience – it requires you to be present, to explore your own potential. The aim is to encourage not push, support not force, hold not hold back.


A life-changing experience that will give you the full toolkit for taking control of your life, and discovering a happier version of you. This course is tailored to your signature strengths and is designed so you have the support you need to succeed. By the end of the course you will have developed a whole host of great new habits that are easy to continue because they suit YOU. My favourite thing about this course is that the success is measurable. We measure your happiness levels before you begin, and again at the end so you can see which areas of your life have been affected by what you ahve learned.


👉 The things we think we want don’t make us as happy as we predict they will.

👉 The things that make us happy are more accessible than you probably imagine.

👉 The bad things we worry about impact us far less than we fear they will.

Learn to want the right stuff and learn how to stop doing things that stop happiness happening…


Testimonials from The Happy Human Project Trials

I ran a trial of the project at the end of 2020. It had been an understandably hard year, and half way through the course we were all under another lockdown – but the satisfaction levels of everyone still went up! This wasn’t a surprise to me as I had experienced the benefits of this course earlier on in the year – read my story below of how against all odds my happiness levels increased despite a critical illness, a global pandemic, and cancelled wedding plans entered my life…

 “It’s been brilliant, fantastic, full of excellent techniques. It really is a toolkit for a transformation process, self-enquiry and self-discovery.

“I definitely feel more joy in my life, and I think I notice that I’ve been doing the rewirements automatically now, and having thoughts of “wow, this moment is wonderful”. The internal reflection has become habit. For example, I have days where I don’t feel as grateful as I could, but I have a new awareness that it maybe it’s just not a great day, and I can let it go.”

“It was bloody marvellous. It was really beneficial to get me back on track, and it has given me an opportunity to re-set a bit, and to take time for self-nurturing.

“I am more aware of needing my own time for a bit of sanity, to calm down when I feel stressed. I feel really quite optimistic, and finding more than I used to to use the techniques throughout the day. It’s kind of common sense, but you need actually do it.”

 “It was really good, I particularly enjoyed the 121 sessions – these kept things on track – it helps to know you are accountable.

“I know these techniques work, but maybe haven’t worked as well as I hoped before because I didn’t do them enough, I don’t have enough self-discipline. This course is very valuable, it’s a good plan and the kindness condition was really great.”

My score went up MASSIVELY! Week 1 I scored 4.44 and week 10 an 8.3.

It’s important to note that when I started the programme my life was “better” than when I finished: my mum was healthy and well, there was no indication that either my hen-do or wedding would not go ahead due to the ever present threat of the pandemic, and the weird little lockdown that we just entered was quite a novel and peaceful experience. But as my scores show, I wasn’t feeling very happy.

By the end of the course, my mum was in hospital critically ill, with little chance of coming home, wedding plans were well and truly cancelled and the seriousness of Covid was all too real. Life was definitely “worse” but I was happier! How?

I stuck to what I was learning. Any one of a number of events could have been a key trigger for me to create an excuse and bail out of my commitments – but the course showed me that if I really wanted to not slip into a black hole of unhappiness, it was more important than ever that I commit to my goals, and put in place everything we have been learning about.

I truly could not believe at the time that even though life was “worse”, I was so much happier than I was.

By committing to these specific tasks and techniques, I have been able to foster a real sense of ability and capability in my life generally. I am so glad I did this, and made sure that I committed to it. I have always wanted to be happier, I just didn’t realise it would take so  much work.

I feel good, I feel positive, and I feel like life is better than it was and I want to share everything I learned with as many people as possible so they can feel happier too!